Styling with Bonobos

Today I got to test out the Bonobos experience. For those of you who are not familiar with the brand, Bonobos was founded as a strictly online presence (although now, they have tons of guideshops) with the main focus being on fit! The founders sought out to create better-fitting pants for men, so they simply thought like a real consumer (which they were and are), and started Bonobos so the search for the perfect fit would end! They now make the whole shopping experience for us gents, so easy and even kinda fun! When you go into an actual store, you’ll notice there’s not a ton of clothing just thrown around, this is a store that is meant to make you feel relaxed and focused on you finding the perfect fit! You can set up an appointment, or walk in, and someone will guide you through the whole collection or find specific items that you’re looking for. To make it even more hassle free, they ship everything to you….easy! When ordering online like I did, you don’t have to worry about shipping on either end, they take care of that! So, if you don’t like the item or it just wasn’t your size, they’ll pay for the shipping back! This made my decision of ordering online the perfect option since I was traveling.
I styled a royal blue suit that I picked up off their website. The fit was dead on accurate, color vibrant, and the only piece I had to tailor was the length of the trousers (as is with any suit). Since, we are dead in winter, I opted for a spring vibe and paired it with a yellow tie and Del Toro slippers. I’ve always heard amazing things about how Bonobos denim fits, and now I can honesty say their suit fits are exactly the same! Give Bonobos a try and let me know how your experience goes!


Blake Scott


Blazer, Pants, Shirt, Tie, Shoes


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