Styling Your Home With Rugs

We’re coming upon a year living in our Downtown loft.  When we first moved, we were so excited to begin decorating and furnishing the place to really make it our own.  A key part to making your place come to life is simple furniture- like rugs- that sometimes get overlooked.  I fell rugs play a huge role in defining your personal style, and amping up any living space.  Since Ash took over more in this particular region, I’ll let her take it from here!


Hey guys! So, I went with four different style rugs to compliment our space.  When I ordered everything off Rugs USA, we had little to no furniture in the space- I think we had a dining table, bed, and couch! The essentials, right?  We have polished concrete floors, so wanted some thicker rugs  for comfort.  The bedroom rug is one of my favorite pieces.  It’s a soft cream shaggy rug that’s really comfortable and doesn’t compete with the overall aesthetic of the room.  I change our bed sheets often, and the neutral color compliments any color/look I go with. It also looks really well with our wooden mid-century dressers.

My second favorite piece is our faux shag sheepskin rug.  Not only is it the softest thing ever, but also looks so lush and kick ass for product shots.  My favorite look of the rug is atop a reclaimed wooden bench we had handmade a few months back.  The contrasting textures and tones look really cool together (in below 2 pics).

Blake’s favorite rug is our largest which expands throughout our primary living space in the front room.  It’s a vintage Persian styled soft white and blue rug that looks a bit distressed and washed out- really regal looking.  The colors compliment our leather arm chair and deep brown console.  It’s also extremely comfortable and very easy to clean! This rug is one of the highlight pieces in our home, and we always receive tons of compliments from guests.

We’re moving into a new loft next week, and already have some different ideas on how we’ll style our existing rugs into the new place.  Each space is very unique, and unlike the rest.  Our best advice is to style towards the style of your home, and especially to your personal taste. Neutral colors like wheat, cream, and tan compliment any room and don’t compete with your decor.  Vintage styled rugs are awesome stand out pieces and look great with bold colors and distressed patterns. This style is perfect for the most open space in your home i.e dining area, living room.  Sheepskin style is great- mainly for us girls- and really uplifts the home in a luxe vibe.  Like I mentioned before, it’s also great for those product shots!

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2 Responses to Styling Your Home With Rugs

  1. Eli

    These pictures only show homes with concrete or other hard floor surfaces, but they aren’t the only homes that could benefit from floor rugs. They are, of course, absolutely necessary on hard floors for protecting both the furniture and the flooring. To add comfort to function, you can choose fluffy rugs, like the sheepskin you mentioned, that are softer to lay on.

  2. I absolutely love sheepskin rugs. I completely agree that a rug is a great addition to help make your new place feel a little bit more like home. We have tile floor in our home, so often in the mornings my feet get a bit chilly. A sheepskin rug would be a great way to help style my home and keep my feet warm on chilly mornings. I could even get sheepskin slippers to match my new rug!