Summer ’16: One to Remember

This year has been flying by in record time.  With the last bits of Summer still lingering, I partnered with Stella Artois to host a Summer send-off with some of my closest pals.  Labor Day Weekend seemed to be the perfect time since we all had time off, and have all been working non-stop to achieve our goals from the beginning of the year.

Ash and decided to go with a no-fuss minimal setting where we could all enjoy some much deserved libations without any stress or clutter.  Although my friends and I are all so different, we all share a common underlying factor: appreciation of substance and quality.  Stella Artois has been one of my favorite beers for some time, so I knew it would be the perfect compliment to our party.

My guests and I sipped from ice cold chalices, snacked on beef brisket sliders, and jammed to all of our favorite hits from Summa ’16! This, was definitely one to be remembered.


Blake Scott

Ashley Estrada

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One Response to Summer ’16: One to Remember

  1. I agree. This year is definitely flying by and even though I’m not really a beer drinker, this party seemed like a great way to celebrate your success!