The Peninsula, Paris

It’s been about a month that i’ve been home since my                                                        30 day excursion in Europe.  Our first and final leg of the trip was in none           other than beautiful Paree.  When I think of Paris, I think of elegance, luxury, and refined tradition.  These attributes are synonymous with the Peninsula Paris, which exemplifies all of these qualities with unparalleled attention to detail and customer service.

Ash and I had the privilege of experiencing the luxe Parisian lifestyle during our  stay-cation in the beautiful Grand Deluxe Room.  I felt like Macaulay Culkin in       Home Alone and immediately wanted to jump on the bed, lol.

The room was fully equipped with digital tablets ready to personalize at your disposal: temperature, curtains, tv, radio, and more- so awesome!                         After a quick tour throughout the hotel, Ash and I headed over to The Lobby for afternoon tea.  We were beyond excited since it was our first time experiencing traditional tea time.  I highly recommend it, even for those of you just visiting Paris. It’s a great idea for a special date, occasion, or just to spoil the woman in your life!

After tea, we took a walk over to iconic Champs Élyssées – literally 2 blocks down-  got some pics of the Arc de Triomphe, and grabbed a crepe on the way back in.

The Peninsula was gracious enough to make us reservations at Lili– authentic Cantonese cuisine inspired by the French and Chinese Operas.  The food was incredible but the dessert took the cake- no pun intended.  We had a mango mousse that was amaaaze!

Huge thanks to Lea and the entire Peninsula team for their gracious hospitality and service.  We can’t wait to be back!


Blake & Ash


Ashley Estrada

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