The Perfect Eyewear

You guys know I take my eyewear seriously. It’s not only a fashion statement for me, it’s about protecting my eyes and ensuring I have the best possible lenses to do so. Living in California, my eyes are constantly exposed to high levels of UV light, in addition to indoor artificial light. And while most people agree that sight is the sense they rely on most, taking care of our eye health is usually an afterthought. We’re not always conscious of our sensitivity to light, but it’s important to protect our eyes, ladies and gentlemen! And since proper eye care is so important to me, I’ve been a longtime user of Transitions® lenses.

Transitions lenses have a lot of vision benefits with an emphasis on proper eye care, all while allowing me to keep my style a priority.  There’s harmful light that can hinder our vision and impact our eye comfort and overall eye health, and this light can significantly impact your quality of life and can make you feel uncomfortable both indoors and outdoors. Something as simple as entering and exiting your car can put a tremendous amount of strain on your eyes, and you may not even know it. Transitions lenses automatically adapt to changing light conditions and filter harmful UV rays emitted from the sun, leading to healthier and happier eyes.

Whether they know it or not, 9 in 10 people experience light sensitivity. You may have already developed behaviors or habits to cope with your sensitivity to light without even knowing it. If you’re not sure, Transitions lenses has an online Light Sensitivity quiz where you can check your own sensitivity first-hand and it only takes a few minutes!

In addition to the Light Sensitivity quiz, you can also check out the wide variety of lenses Transitions® has to offer, and find a local retailer where you can try them out yourself.

Check out a few of my favorite styles below and see how I styled them.


Blake Scott



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