The Tie Bar Pop-UP Shop

I had the pleasure of visiting The Tie Bar’s pop-up shop in Chicago’s Lincoln Park
last week.  The wonderfully set up shop will be open throughout the holidays
making it your go-to destination for picking and packaging the perfect accessories
for all the Gent’s in your life.
Here’s a sneak peek at the shop…
Accessories range upwards of $15 and include ties, pocket squares, cuff links, tie bars,
 and even scarves and socks.
 Those daily conundrums of “What do I pair with what?”  are easily solved
within the walls of this perfectly organized shop-
a true Man’s Cave.


Find the Tie Bar on IG: @thetiebar
A true Gent’s lair fully equipped with a barber station and lounge area
to relax the feet and enjoy a quick dose of inspiration from the many books and
magazines at your disposal.
Thanks to Michael and the Tie Bar team for opening up the shop and
giving us a private tour of the kick ass space.
I highly recommend taking a visit and staying for a stroll and bite
around the awesome neighborhood that is Lincoln Park.
You’ll be glad to find a fully equipped gift packaging station to add the finishing
touches and make your gift look that much better.
Happy shopping lads and lasses!
Blake Scott

Ashley Estrada

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