Turtleneck Type

It’s no doubt that i’m a huge fan of Italian style.

When I had the privilege of witnessing it first hand at Pitti Uomo

in January, I was so blown away.  The style and grace that every man carries

within himself is unparalleled.

A huge trend i’ve noticed- and is a personal favorite- is that

of the turtleneck.

It looks sophisticated, classy, and is weather appropriate.

I’ve been enjoying wearing turtlenecks under suits, and even with jeans

and a coat.  It’s a very versatile item, so if you’re curious about trying the

look for the first time, I suggest opting for black or navy.

The darker colors match almost anything, and are seriously fool proof!

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Ashley Estrada

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One Response to Turtleneck Type

  1. Great look and those pictures look amazing. You have the most amazing style 😀 And I also love turtlenecks myself!
    Greetings from Denmark