V-Day Day Date Attire

 Ash and I are morning people, so today i’m showing you what I would

wear for a Day-Date

I’ve been back in LA for a whole week since my month abroad, and I gotta say-

it feels great!

The weather has been in the high 80’s all week, so it only made sense to crack

out my linen blazer from Vera Largo.

If you’re in warmer climates like myself, I suggest wearing your linen separates to

maintain a classy look while keeping your body cool.

I paired the neutral blazer with some dark denim, comfy socks, and my favorite double monks.

Keep all of your accessories in a small pouch/portfolio case to

stay organized all day long.

This is a look you can switch up throughout the week with different shirts,

denim washes, and bags.

Hope you all have a wonderful V-Day with people you love!


Blake Scott


Ashley Estrada

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