Visiting Crosby Square

After a little research with the Crosby Square (CS) team, we found the area of London that used to be the actual ‘Crosby Square’.  As a brand ambassador to CS, I have learned tons of product knowledge as well as the originating roots of how the brand came about.  CS began in Crosby Square, London in the early 1930’s with cutting edge styling and superior construction.  Ash and I jumped on the tube and after a few stops, ended up in Bishopsgate- the original “Crosby Square” location.

We were happy to find St. Helen’s Church in the central promenade nestled between new age buildings, and the Gerkin around the corner.  We snapped some photos and enjoyed a bit of people watching in the early hours of the morning.  We can hear the service beginning inside, with soft music and small chatter.  We’re history buffs, so any opportunity we get to explore something new yet so old at the same time is just awesome!

Here are a few pics of me in “Crosby Square”! Hope you enjoy 🙂

Ashley Estrada

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