Wearing Black & Grey

I’ve been loving darker colors lately, don’t know if you’ve noticed.
Today i’m mixing a subtle black and grey look that can be worn for a productive
day of work, or just for that man about town.
Here’s what i’m wearing…



I’ve found that mixing neutral shades is easiest when getting dressed.

I kept a dark palette today using grey, black, and navy.
Since all the colors are very dark, they neutralize each other and create a look that just works.
You’re more than welcome to get creative and throw in a pop of color
by swapping the white shirt for a patterned one; black briefcase for a brown one; and
colored socks rather than solid.
The best thing about dressing up everyday is that it’s a personal thing.
However you feel most comfortable and confident is what will always look best-
no matter what.  Always stay true to your personal style, without the hesitation
of other people’s approval.
Have a great day Gents, and always stay stylish!
Blake Scott


Ashley Estrada

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