Wedding Day Prep with BOSS The Scent Parfum

There are many factors that come to play when preparing for your Big Day- possibly, one of the most monumental events of your life- and you want to feel at ease during your preparation
process. One of the easiest ways to feel at ease is careful planning and decision making long
before the day arrives. When preparing all components of my Wedding Day look, I wanted to go with brands and products I trust, and truly love- this wasn’t a day of experimentation for me. If
you know me, you know that I’m all about the details. It’s the little things that come together to
amplify your look into grandeur; the things that are the very essence of you- monogrammed cuff links, vintage time piece, a go-to hair product, and another that lingers with you throughout the
day and into the night: your scent. A fragrance hold so much power and for my Wedding Day,
that power was a memory. Every time I catch a whiff of my Wedding Day scent thousands of
memories flood back into my mind and I’m transported to that very moment when I first laid
eyes on my wife, or took that special dance with my Mom. Fragrance is happiness in a bottle.
BOSS The Scent Parfum was the quintessence of my Wedding Day Style.
My fragrance played a huge role in my final look since it’s one of the things Ashley loves most.
I wanted her to know that this memory was one we’d both share in years to come. When we
were younger, she always bought me fragrances for my birthday or Christmas. I pretty much
only wore a handful of scents- and actually, still do- since I’m a bit picky as they are very
personal for me, and help to subtly exude character. When I smelled BOSS The Scent Parfum, I instantly knew it was a lifer. It’s very different than anything I own and I knew it would
connect Ash and I since it was my first time wearing it with her, on our Wedding Day! She has
this habit of greeting me with bear hugs and a huge whiff around my neck. The moment we first embraced, she did exactly that and looked up with a smile. It was the start of something new,
something to never be forgotten.


Cologne from Left to Right (Header Photo):

BOSS Bottled Tonic – a fresh take on the original BOSS Bottled available at Macy’s

BOSS The Scent Parfum – coming this February to Dillard’s

BOSS The Scent – the original scent available at Macy’s

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Ashley Scott

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