Weekend Sneakers

Most weekends are pretty laid back for me since I get all my heavy work done during the week; Days consist of brunch at home, cleaning-up, and running errands around the city.

I love to wear sneakers on my off duty days and wanted to share some of my favorites with you guys!  For now, I’m pretty much stocked up on white variations since they’re my favorite, and by far the most versatile. I’ve dabbed into some colored styles which I’ll get into on another post.  Today’s look was an all grey feel with a striped short sleeve, slim fit chinos from H&M (killer price!), and some of my newest additions to the sneaker collection: Converse Chuck II’s. I love these because they aren’t stark white, and have the extra insert for comfort. The creamy white color lends a more relaxed and vintage-ish feel that I really like for style. While on this topic, I recently spotted some white Stan Smith’s with a gum bottom.  I went looking for them today, and no luck.  Those are next on my list!

Hope you guys are having a great Holiday weekend.  Stay safe!


Team TSE

Ashley Estrada

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