Welcome to the new MODA MATTERS!

Today, I have the privilege of wearing and working with Moda Matters on their latest ready to wear collection. In case you guys are unfamiliar with them, Moda Matters is an Italian-American menswear brand but around the concept of elevating men’s daily wardrobe using the Italian Principle of craftsmanship, tailoring, & individuality.  Basically, they’re combining old world tailoring with modern cuts to make the best looking and fitting items on the market!  You guys know I’m big on my suiting game, and I truly impressed when the items arrived.  I noticed right off the back was the Slim silhouette, unlined jacket, and colors that’ll pop without overdoing it!

  To prove how versatile and stylish the pieces were, I decided to style them two ways-one dress, one casual.  The Red Windowpane jacket was fun to wear.  Everywhere I went, I got tons of compliments on how stylish the jacket was, and how form fitting it is (did I mention, I DID NOT TAILOR IT?).  I paired it it with a white shirt, tie and navy single pleated (so sick) trousers for the first look. For the second, I opted for more Italian flare and went with cream single  pleated trousers, blue shirt and skipped the tie.  This linen jacket is so versatile, you can wear it almost any way!

    My next Moda Matters outfit was themed the same way-one dressy, one casual.  Their Martino Denim Double Breasted jacket was the star of the show!  To me, this is seriously one of the most versatile jackets on the market.  I styled it first dressy with a the notion that I owned a yacht in Monaco.  The look was super polished, and worn with a MM blue shirt, MM linen striped tie and now go to MM cream colored trousers. My second look was the complete opposite.  It was tee shirt casual, Navy MM trousers and sneakers.  To give off a little notch of sprezzatura, I unbuttoned my Denim Blazer and bottoned it so that the jacket remained open. This is a look I enjoy doing with casual pieces or with looks that don’t have too much going on!  Give it a try, and let me know.

Over all, I was completely amazed by designs and styles of the latest Moda Matters collection.  Make sure to give them a visit and let me know what your favorite piece is.


Blake Scott

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