What to Wear to an Engagement Party // For the Groom

Okay, so you’re engaged- what’s next? First of all, don’t rush into anything too quickly.  Take time to plan a rough year of events with your fiancé, and see if you guys have similar thoughts about the flow of things leading up to your big day. Our first big assignment was our Engagement Dinner.  We both agreed that we wanted it as intimate as possible consisting of only blood relatives and our closest friends. Since we were throwing the party for our family, we wanted to go all out and serve up a delicious meal, with the most “magical” (Ashley’s words) setting possible!

With that being said, I had a feeling we were steering towards a more formal event.  Of course, not every engagement dinner or engagement party has to be formal.  It should be consistent with your overall wedding theme (another one of Ashley’s words), and sets the pace for events to come.  If you guys are planning an Engagement  BBQ, dress appropriately, and so forth.  We opted for a snazzier dress code, then it all began- the hunt for the perfect suit!

I began browsing my regular sites trying to find the perfect fit for our dinner.  I knew I wanted a tux, but I didn’t want black; I wanted a shawl collar, and not a peak lapel.  I finally came across my ideal suit at my expected budget cost- when it comes to wedding planning guys, create and stick to your budget (but more on that later)- from Combat Gent. I had worked with CG in the past, but didn’t realize they’d just opened up their ‘Wedding’ section of suits and tuxes.  There it was in all it’s glory, navy shawl collared tux, $200! I snagged it up as quickly as my fingers could tap on the mouse pad, and had it shipped overnight to the loft.  What I love about CG suiting is that you get all of the quality factors of a luxury suit without the hefty price tag.  My tux arrived  and I drove straight to my tailor.  My jacket never needs much work, but if you want an extremely fitted piece, then focus on the arms and waist.  CG happens to fit perfectly up top, so all I had to do was tweak the pants to my taste.  The tux pants came ready to be tailored- which helps a ton- and is the perfect canvas to creating your perfect look.  I wanted them slim cut, with no break- fitted appearance, but still flexible.

I went dress shopping with Ashley- wear comfortable shoes Gents, this could take awhile- so I knew what color she’d be wearing.  I wanted to compliment her look and not compete with it in any way.  Her dress was a soft rose gold hue, which I thought went perfectly with the rich navy tux.  I kept the rest of the look pretty classic with a Combat Gent tuxedo shirt (white, of course), black bow tie, and black dress shoes.

So remember:

1. Plan your event

2. Choose a “theme”

3. Dress appropriately

4. Stick to your budget

5. Get tailored


An engagement party or dinner kicks off your entire wedding process.  It’s the first chance you get to celebrate with family and friends, so make the best of it and just have fun.

Coming up:

An inside look into our Engagement Dinner and all the people who made it possible!


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  1. Verda

    Very nice article. Where is Ashley’s dress from?

  2. uyen nguyen

    love your engagement photo shoot..where is ashley dress from?? Its so pretty:)